The time we spend with kids is fantastic and the memories are still always fresh in our minds, healthily felt with so much joy🙌. Every child deserves to be joyful and happy. Be thankful when you give, because your thank is going to be full (Luke 6:38).
There is an overwhelming  joy, when almost all these more privileged kids acknowledge the fact of your visit. It's indeed a thing of joy making such a sustainable impact in the lives of others, for it is more better to be a blessing than to be blessed
Gal 6:7 Be a blessing to your generation and the generation yet unborn

On Thursday 20th of December 2018, the team of NG4C visited the orphans at Clephic orphanage mile one Kumba. We spend joyous moment during this festive period wishing them a merry Christmas with gifts  like, food items, drinks, toiletries and also a speech was presented by every member of the organization who answered present to this event. In response the children showed gratitude by singing, dancing and also a speech was made by the  matron, who gave us a background about the orphanage and what prompted her to start it

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