This project targets majority of internally displaced and host youths including the elderly affected by the ongoing crisis by engaging them in vocational training skills, economic empowerment activities, social entrepreneurship workshops, and servant leadership activities. An estimated 2000 people shall benefit from this project in the first 1 year of operation. This number shall increase with time and they shall exploit opportunities of self-employment.

The crises that has struck the two English speaking regions of Cameroon has affected majority of inhabitants living in this territory especially women and youths. These sets of persons are the most vulnerable and approximately over 90% of the youths have dropped from school due to threats from some group of armed individuals. Majority of the women have been displaced due to the intensity of the crisis in their respective communities and many of them have lost their properties and jobs. Equally youths have not been able to gain access to education and the rate of juvenile delinquency keeps increasing due to idleness. As the crisis continues these set of person have no other way out than to indulge in illicit activities leading to adverse consequences.

The objectives of this project are to assist the most vulnerable affected by the crisis by training and teaching them on income generating activities, Technology, entrepreneurial skills, attitudes to posses for the betterment of our society and other capacity building activities.

So far we have been able to train 93 persons between the months of June and August 2019. On the first workshop held in June we trained/taught them the following:

  • The production of soaps and detergents,
  • Entrepreneurial skills needed for a sustainable life
  • Yogurt processing
  • Transformation of waste papers to beads
  • Transformation of coconut shells to beads
  • Usage of crystal beads to make sleepers
  • Health and wellness
  • How to bake pastries (Bread, puff puff, chin chin, fish roll, Fish pie and hamburger)
  • How to ice cake (Fondant icing)

In our most recent workshop held this month of August from the 13th to 16th, we trained/taught them the following:

  • Using the Computer and Telephone creatively
  • Gender equality
  • Production of Javel water and Coconut oil
  • Scotch fish recipe
  • Health and wellness
  • Entrepreneurial skills

We had a total of 41 participants who attended this workshop.

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