Creating access to clean water and sanitation through mapping of existing water resources for the distressed population of Kumba

Project Overview

Access to clean water has never been easy especially during the dry season in the locality of Kumba. Despite the creation of sustainable water points and other efforts by the government and some Non Governmental Organisations, access to portable water still remain a key constraint. Within the context of the anglophone crisis, displaced persons settled in Kumba lack access to safe water. Household water treatment is not common, and typically many people lack the means and knowledge to ensure safe environmental health practices. Consequently, most displaced populations and their hosts are also facing an increased risk of WASH-related diseases. While there is need to keep on improving this problem we intend to use mapping resources to create a map linking all the available functional and nonfunctional water points in Kumba which will assist:

  1. The local population to easily locate nearby water points.
  2. The government, NGOs and other bodies to easily locate the water points that needs rehabilitation and areas that needs construction of new water points

These mapped out water points will be easily accessed on any android device using google map app. This will create easy access for the population any functional water point which in effect will;

  • Reduce long distances people have to walk to get portable drinking water
  • Promote water and Sanitation hygiene thereby reducing diseases related to poor water and sanitation hygiene such as Cholera, diarrhea, etc.

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