Health Programs

Water and Sanitation hygiene

Your health depends solely on what you eat and drink. In order for you to be healthy it is vital to ensure proper hygiene practices for a healthy and wealthy life. Clean water, basic toilets, bore holes, public taps to enhance sustainable hygiene and sanitation which are essential for the survival and development of  all, most especially children.

Training of Community Health Workers and Community Health Care Workers

Improving health care services in rural areas with limited or no access to Good health services wherein providing holistic healthcare practices to revamp the already existing health infrastructures and thus alleviating suffering of the vulnerable population. In effect, moving them to a higher level of wellness which is essential for growth and development.


Ensuring that the infrastructures are suitable to meet the needs of the patients by improving on the already delapidating structures into a more advanced and well equipped infrastructure with necessary apparatus made available for proper diagnosis and management of different case definitions with the creation of a specialist rehabilitation hospital to meet the needs of victims of violence through physiotherapy and psychosocial interventions.

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