Using GIS Cloud Technology to Map Taps in Kumba


This project will serve quality purpose for a long term for the following reasons:

  • Enable the local population to easily locate portable water points
  • Increase Access to portable water
  • Reduce the number of affected persons with diseases related to poor water and sanitation hygiene
  • Reduce the disparities in access to water
  • Improve the health condition of the local population
  • Enable the government, NGOs and other bodies to easily locate water points that need rehabilitation and areas that need construction of new water points.



The goal of this project is to ensure access to safe water resources by using the Geographic information system of GIS Cloud to locate all water points found in Kumba. This will be done with the following activities carried out:

  • Negotiating with all stakeholders who will facilitate our project activities (The government, INGOs, LNGOs, CSOs etc).
  • Using the Mobile Data Collection Application and Web Map Viewer to Collect, Inspect Data and work with accurate information in real time.
  • Manage data and teams on the go using Map Editor.
  • Respond to the public by presenting the analyzed data through a simple two way communication portal.



Outcome 1: Increased access to portable drinking water

  • Mapping of all existing water points using GIS Cloud real time collaborative mapping system.
  • Presentation of data to the public through a simple two way communication portal.

Outcome 2: Decrease in number of Diseases related to poor water consumption

  • Easy access to portable water resources.
  • Effective usage of mapped out functional water points by the local population.


Read full Project Proposal here

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